vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

Whom shall I fear, Faith Blog Hop

Welcome to another blessed Faith Blog Hop.  This month we are focusing on the theme of Fear and we pray you find hope in the midst of any fear you may be experiencing.  Join us as we showcase the talent the Lord has given us through projects that reflect what we know about God.  The hop begins over at www.mypapertreehouse.blogspot.com, so if you just happened to find this blog, make sure to go on over there first and read the whole Faith Hop information and the wonderful words Nana is writing over there.

 If you came from Tammy's blog, you are in the right place!  Know that we are praying for you! 

When I think about fear, then I think of the past (5) years when I feared the feeling of fainting. The fear of losing control of my life. The feeling to not know what happens to me, when I get to the point I faint.
 In my life I haven't fainted a lot. The ones I can remember are like 4 times or so. But this fear comes from my accident with the subway, about 5 years ago. That was in the time that  I didn't took care of my inner self. Always rushing, and having the idea that I had to be some kind of SuperWoman. Never accepting or asking for help. Always felt like I had to do everything on my own. Thinking about that now, I really think that's just so stupid. But in that time I didn't know how to think or act different. It was a way of life I had for so many years. 

So when I had that accident, after a while,  I developped anxiety attacks. It was coming to the point that I just went to work, got home and hardly did anything else outside my house. In that time I didn't own a car, and I had the fear for public transport, because of that accident. Fortunately I got another job, which I really felt like being Godsend. So I didn't have to travel public transport and could go on my bicycle to work.
So the fear of fainting was just a mental thing, nothing physical. I feared that maybe I would faint when I was on my way somewhere, and that something might happen to me. There was no reason I really would faint. And what I learned was that when you are scared, your heart rate is so high, you technically can't faint. 

This fear of  fear is sometimes still getting a grip on my life, but this: "Whom shall I fear", is something I really need to remember my entire life. So Psalm 27 verse 1 is a verse I want to try to meditate when the anxiety tries to get a hold of me. 

I will be praying for you that whatever your fear is, you bring it to God, and that you me feel strengthened by our beloved Father in heaven. He is the one who helps us through life. We don't have to do it all by ourselves. 

Thanks for stopping by.  For your next stop you have to hop on over to Christel blog.

Love in Christ,


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Margot zei

wat een prachtige lo! gave details!!!

Dolores zei

Oh Wendy I loved your testimony thank you for sharing it with us. Your layout is awesome

Marjolaine zei

Beautiful layout, thanks for sharing your story.

Vicki zei

FUn layout..great picture too...I love that scripture..It says it all, don't you think?


Scraping Miami zei

Thanks for telling your story love the layout

lindaplus3 zei

Ty for sharinf your layout and story :) lindaplusthree at yahoo dot com

Zeni zei

great layout and I'm glad you are working on overcoming your fear!

Many blessings,

Becky Dunham zei

Love this layout Wendy! It is truly amazing what fear can do to us! You can truly be paralyzed by fear and even die from fear. It is good to know that God removes our fears if we will just let Him. Thanks for sharing.

rebeccadunham at hotmail dot com

Nana Campana zei

Wendy, I am so glad that you chose to share what you just shared. God knows I need to be reminded of this daily. Thank you for your transparency.. in your weakness He looks really BIG! Pretty AMAZING! HUGS

Jolanda zei

Geweldig mooi!!!

Nicole Brenna zei

Wendy your layout is wonderful and I really enjoyed your post... I have also had accidents that made me fear and is something that I struggle with but like you said we can't let fear grip our lives. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anoniem zei

I love the layout!!! Very nice!

Tammy G

Hands to Work, Hearts to God zei

I know a friend who has anxiety attacks and it can really be debilitating even if there is no physical cause! The Word of God is our weapon against fear! Patsy from

Carolyn Phillips zei

Thank you for sharing your story, a great reminder of how God is our shield. Love you layout as well.

Scrappin' Sista zei

I love the fact that you shared your story. I pray that God continues to remove the fear away. I love, love, love your layout! TFS and hopping with us!


Pearl Maple zei

Anxiety attacks are serious,hope that you are mending. Gorgeous page with that colour combination.