woensdag 30 januari 2013

WAW: No weapon shall prosper

Hey dear blog-readers.

How was your weekend? And how did you start this last week of January?  I hope good!

Well, I'm tuning in to share another project for this weeks Word Art Wednesday challenge. The scripture is so beautiful. And so useful for me in this time of my life. Though it's going so much better with me, with overcoming my burnout (which almost has been started 2 years ago), sometimes I do let fear get the overhand. Fortunately not that heavy as in the beginning, what resulted in panic attacks and not daring to go out to do things anymore. I do feel so much better, but sometimes I do feel tired and the the fear of something that can happen, pops up. But thank God, I know He is always there for me and all I have to do it put my trust in Him and know that nothing can form against me ;)  So this scripture is so helpful for me, to remember that God is in control.

 Well, last Sunday I listened to a sermon from Hour of Power. And wow, did I need that! It was about our dreams. That we need to dare to dream the impossible dream. Dreams are the seed for success.
If you can dream it, you can do it. But we must be willing to dream. Think about Michael Jordan. The coach said he was not good enough. But he dreamed to be a great basketball-er. So his dreams came true in the end, because Michael didn't stop dreaming.
So what stops us to follow our dreams? It's because of the dream-busters. They are everywhere and are called:  fear and doubt. Those 2 are stealing your dreams.
When fear and doubt knock on your door, let faith and courage open the door for you. Then fear and doubt have no chance at all to steal away your dreams.

God would not give us a dream that we cannot achieve ;-)

Well, before I start preaching again..... (I could go on and on)  I will show you my canvas board with Calla Lily's  for this weeks scripture.

And here is my video of how this came together. 

I wish you a very good and blessed week!  And I hope to see you next week.

woensdag 23 januari 2013

WAW: "Glorify God"

Hi bloggers, 

Thanks for tuning in on this beautiful day. Why? Because it's Word Art Wednesday again :D
The scripture for this week is from Romans 15:5-6
Somehow I can't seem to upload this weeks scripture on blogger, but you can always look it up in your bible. 

What struck me about this verse is that God is so patient with me, and with all of us. So often I make mistakes and do things He doesn't really like or appreciate. But when I come before Him and ask Him to forgive me: Wow, I know He does. And His comfort (consolation) is so soothing too. Right now I know my work ends in 5 weeks. It's with both's approval we end the contract. I have worked there for over 10 years. And I've had 2 burnouts. So this work doesn't suit me any more. And it's been hard sometimes. I went to some major struggles. But in the end, at my rock bottom, God was the rock on that Bottom. So at that point I could only give my all to Him and let Him build me up. At that point I really started to put all my faith and trust in Him. I couldn't do it on my own any more.

And for years...... I was a worrier first class. Somehow my mind made over hours of worrying and thinking: what if this, or what if that..... But now I don't even really worry about the future. God let's me know that He is holding my future in His hands. And all I have to do is be patient and wait for His timing and His work in me. 

Wow, isn't that just great?!! I know there will be a job for me that really fits me. I look forward to when I will get to that job. And I can only enjoy the time right now, that I can spend with the kids at work. And the lot of free time I have on hand right now. 

Well, with that loads of free time, I made this hardboard canvas.  It's different then the things I made before. But I try to grow in my art and try new stuff. 

And here's the video:

woensdag 9 januari 2013

WAW: "Creatie in me a clean heart"

Yup, it's Wednesday again. For me it's almost over here in Holland, but nonetheless, it's still Wednesday.

The scripture for this week is:

And here is my Art Journal page:

And the video:

woensdag 2 januari 2013

WAW: "Trust in the Lord"

Hi sweet blog readers.

How is you new year so far?

I want to wish all of you a very blessed and joyful 2013!  That your relationship with God will be better and stronger and that you trust in Him completely.

That's also the scripture for this weeks WAW challenge.

And this is so true (of course it is, because God said it, and what He says is true). When you put your trust in men, you will some how get disappointed  We so often expect things from someone, who isn't able to accomplish those expectations. How often do we not (!) say to others what we want of them. So it's only logical that we get disappointed  because the other person cannot read your mind. And then, think of the things you expect; are those reasonable? 

So, how much better is it to trust in God? It's 100% better, but I can also hear you think: 'but it is so hard!"
Yes, dear, it is hard. And I find it hard too. I ain't no saint either.  But when you get closer to God, and deepen you relationship with Him, you'll notice that you don't need to put your confidence in men. God provides you whatever you need. And trust in His timing too. We think we know best what en when we need things ;)  But when we don't get what we want, right  here and right now, we can also be disappointed in God. But then think again. Do you really need the things you wanted? Or is it just a material thing? Like:  'I need a car', 'I need new golf clubs', I need..... fill in the blanks. Those are things which satisfy us for a moment. But when you TRUST God in all the aspects of your life, most of the times the longing for material things will fade. And of course God wants the best for you, so when you really need a car, you will get one. But I think what God means, is that you need to trust Him in all. And most of all in you emotional en spiritual life. And don't get me wrong. Wanting material things is not bad. But it can get in your way with your relationship with God. If we put material things before God.... then your focus is on the world. Those things won't last an eternity. If you get what I mean :-D  

Well, enough preaching for today  LOL.

Here is my art journal. Art journal, you say? Yes, I made an art journal page this week. I really felt like painting again. So away with the tags for now, and on with my art journal.

And another video: