vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Beauty & Faith Blog Hop

Welcome to the Loved by God Faith Blog Hop! We are so blessed to have you be a part of it.
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This month we want to share with you about the beauty we find in Christ through Psalm 45:11 (verse 12 for the Dutch Bibles). "Let the Kind be enthralled by ur beauty; honor Him, for He is ur Lord..".

Here is the list of the beautiful and bold woman sharing their stories and talents:

I was wondering what I should do with this verse. Because when I read the first part of the scripture, I thought:  'my beauty?'   I know I'm not ugly, but I don't think I'm that beautiful too. So I didn't know what to do with that at first. But then I realized that God made everybody in His image. And He made everything so beautiful. So who am I to put myself down, when God things I'm beautiful? 

I think, we woman, are often so harsh on ourselves. We don't think we are good enough, or not pretty enough, that we can do things a lot better and we don't give enough of ourselves. We tend to look at others, or believe the things we see in soap series on tv and compare ourselves to woman we think  have it all. But those tv series.... well..... it's all just make believe. And when we look at others, where we think that they are so great and don't have flaws..... Well, just know, beautiful lady, they have their doubts, flaws and insecurities too, you know.  

Maybe this verse isn't about our beauty on the outside. Maybe this scripture means the beauty on our insides. God knows our hearts. And he knows us better then we do ourselves. Just honor God with all you have. And ask Him to use you for His Kingdom. " Well, I don't have enough strength, or courage", you might say or think. But God gives us the strength we need. He provides us what we need most. Because in our weakness, God shows His strength. 

I know it's easy for me to say, but let me tell you a secret.... I also struggle with those things. I'm not superwoman (I've realized that a while ago, and ouch... that really hurt). But by putting your life in Gods hands, and praising Him through all circumstances.... He will work through you. And blessing you there where you need it the most. Just remember He is our God. He holds our future in His hands. He knows what's best for you. Although we might have our own plans. But God has so much bigger plans for us, we don't even dream to imagine.

Sweet, sweet beautiful woman.... keep the faith, keep praying and giving your life to God, each day. He will do a great job in your life. Just trust and see. 
God loves you, and so do I.

Well, that's enough for the talk, I guess. Here is the layout I've made for this months Hop.

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Donna zei

Thankyou for you insight about this verse! I am really taking in all that you ladies of faith have to say about this verse.
May God continue to let his light shine through you!!

Nana Campana zei

Wow Wendy! I am so humbled by what you shared. :). I agree with you in that we all struggle. Some people think that because you share the things of God somehow you are better off- when the very things you're sharing are the things God is putting you through. Thanks for your boldness and transparency!! ;). Love u tons!

Bernice zei

Thank you so much for sharing this

Marjolaine zei

beautiful layout and thanks for sharing,

Tammy zei

This is so uber beautiful!! ANd I love your layouts---wow you are quite an artist!!! You are precious:) Huge {{{hugs}}} be blessed
~Beyond Measure

Dolores zei

I love your layout, thank you so much for sharing your struggles with us. Be Blessed!!!!

pinklula zei

God gives us the strength we need. THAT'S TRUE...THANKS AND GOD BLESS YOU=]

Nicole Brenna zei

Wonderful layout... I loved your insight about the verse. Really wonderful that you shared what was on your heart. God Bless...

Anoniem zei

Loved the layout! Thanks for sharing. We all struggle with this issue. Appreciate the insight you shared.

Scrappin' Sista zei

I love your take on the scripture for the hop. You are so right. We ARE to harsh on ourselves.

Your layout is wonderful! I love the rough and rugged green. It spoke volumes to me. Be blessed~