woensdag 21 november 2012

WAW: Praise"

Hello dear bloggers,

Maybe a bit late, but I've been busy the past few weeks. So that's why I am not always around to check and comment on your blogs. Sorry for that. But I hope in a short time there will be more time to check your wonderful art and comment on them. I didn't forget about you!!

So, today it's Wednesday 21st. Time flies by so fast!!!
I made another tag this week. The scripture we have is from Psalm 34:1. And again (as always) a beautiful scripture. And again I have to think about a song with this verse. Don't know if you still remember Ron Kenoly? But I think he has a song with this verse in it. I've been searching on youtube, but I can't find it that easy. But maybe you know which song I mean.

Well, here is the word art:

And here is my tag, with some close up shots.

What I love about this scripture is that no matter your circumstances, you will bless the Lord, and a praise will come into your heart and you will speak or sing praise to God. Just start blessing and praising the Lord, even though you don't feel like it, because........... (well just fill in the blanks yourself ;)  ). But when you start to bless God, and to sing praise to Him, you'll notice that the sad mind you have, will become joyful  Not that the problem(s) you are dealing with is instantly removed, but just trust in God, give Him your heart and your praise. He so loves you and want to bless you and help you. I just get a lump in my throat just by typing this. Because I've noticed lately how much God blesses me. And after a year and a half of no sight of how things can be changed in my situation (my burn out and such), I feel joy!!!

And this morning  I had an appointment with my coach to search for a new job, she saw that I was glowing and that I really look good. That was so nice to hear that people see how I change in the good way :D
Well, bless the Lord for that, because it's all Him who works in me.

How do you stand in all this? Can you praise God, even though you are going through some rough circumstances/days? I just want to encourage you, even if you start a little bit grumpy on praising...... just start and you will notice, that the grumpiness will turn into singing and praising! God is sooooooo God, people.

Well, that's all for today. I can start preaching, but then this post will be LOOOOOONNNNGGG :-)

Here is my video of making this tag. I've noticed this one turned out better then the one last week (well, but that's my opinion).

Oh, and by the way, I've made a tutorial on how to make that flower. So if you only want to make that flower and not go over this video again.... just go to my YouTube channel:  swenny1980 and you will find it there ;)

Have a blessed day! And I will be praying for you. 


5 opmerkingen:

Faye zei

Wendy, your tag is gorgeous. I really love the stamp you used and the flower. I love how you incorporated the scripture onto your tag.

trisha too zei

It's a beautiful tag, Wendy, and great close-up shots of the details!


Marlena M. zei

Oh, wow, I love your tag Wendy. I also love your God-given joy! As the world gets darker...it will shine brighter. It is truly a gift~blessings!

Unknown zei

Wendy, I remember the song because I've been around so long. Your tag, oh my goodness, so wonderfully put together. I signed up for all your YouTube video's.
Psalm 103 Blessings

Unknown zei

try this....