woensdag 12 december 2012

WAW: "Supply"

Hi there,

Word art Wednesday here again :D.  For the Dutch readers among here, sorry for not translating the blog posts any more. But the reason I write this in English, is because the posts will be too long to read. And I think most of you will understand English, so that's why the past previous posts were written in English.

So, that's a thing I wanted to say before I go over to the scripture we have for this week.

This is so true. God gives us what we need. So often we complain and complain. But think about the things we have!! We have a home, we can take a shower, we have a warm bed, a roof over our heads. Just start to stop complaining and thanking God for every day we have been given and the things we have. 
Of course, material things can be nice. But it's not the most important thing in life. And I do struggle with this too, you know. But when I saw a sermon of Joyce Meyer this weekend, about this subject, it was an turning point. And no, I am not instantly 'healed' of complaining. But I really want to try to stop complaining. It's all about not feeding the complaints. It's just a negative thing, and negative things really don't need to be feeded. How more you stop complaining, the more good things will show up. That's what I am sure of. 

So, with this out and written, let's go to my tag for this week.

I tried to do some new things with versamark and perfect pearls and chalk. But I'll explain that in the video, you can see here:

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Diane zei

Absolutely gorgeous, Wendy! I love the rich, vibrant colors (turquoise is now my favorite...and it goes with anything!) What lovely blending...definitely want to come back, watch your tutorial and try out what your done. Love the splashy look of it all. Plus the word art is spectacular. Love the casual doodle-i-ness of it. All is just stunning. Love it. Blessings on your week.