donderdag 27 december 2012

WAW: "Faith"

Sorry, a day late...... but nonetheless.... here is the Word Art Wednesday post for this week.

Before I start writing about the WAW thing, I hope you had a great Christmas time. Hope you remembered why we celebrate this. Not for the food and the gifts. But because of Jesus Christ who came to earth to be our Savior and our Shepherd. For me, not being an American, I just don't get the whole commercial stuff about buying gifts for Christmas. Maybe because I am Dutch, but I do know a part of our Dutch folks do buy gifts. Maybe it's because I am too down to earth and don't get why people do this. Don't get me wrong, everyone has to do what they want to do ;)   But for me, the most biggest gift we got, is in the person of baby Jesus. Nothing else can fill the whole in the hearts of men.
Well... that said.... I'll continue the WAW post.

This weeks Word Art is from Helen Keller.

And here is the tag I made, using my Big Shot this time. I don't use it that often, so I wanted to incorporate it into my tag :D

And of course..... a video ;-)

woensdag 19 december 2012

WAW: "Glory to God'

Hi bloggers,

Here's another Word Art Wednesday blog post.

The scripture is this one:

And here is my tag. I've used and digital from Diane Noble's Daydream designs to transfer onto the tag. You'll see how I've done that in the video.

And here's my video: 

woensdag 12 december 2012

Hoi bloggers,

Vandaag nog een bericht. Ik ben door Punky Scraps uitgekozen om gast designer te zijn voor December en Januari. Wat gaaf zeg!!! Hier is mijn layout wat ik met de uitdaging gemaakt heb.

Hi Bloggers,

Today another blog post. I've been chosen to be a guest designer for the month December and January on the Punky Scraps blog. So cool!  Here is my layout what I made for this challenge.

Dank je wel dat je langs kwam vandaag.
Thanks for stopping by.

WAW: "Supply"

Hi there,

Word art Wednesday here again :D.  For the Dutch readers among here, sorry for not translating the blog posts any more. But the reason I write this in English, is because the posts will be too long to read. And I think most of you will understand English, so that's why the past previous posts were written in English.

So, that's a thing I wanted to say before I go over to the scripture we have for this week.

This is so true. God gives us what we need. So often we complain and complain. But think about the things we have!! We have a home, we can take a shower, we have a warm bed, a roof over our heads. Just start to stop complaining and thanking God for every day we have been given and the things we have. 
Of course, material things can be nice. But it's not the most important thing in life. And I do struggle with this too, you know. But when I saw a sermon of Joyce Meyer this weekend, about this subject, it was an turning point. And no, I am not instantly 'healed' of complaining. But I really want to try to stop complaining. It's all about not feeding the complaints. It's just a negative thing, and negative things really don't need to be feeded. How more you stop complaining, the more good things will show up. That's what I am sure of. 

So, with this out and written, let's go to my tag for this week.

I tried to do some new things with versamark and perfect pearls and chalk. But I'll explain that in the video, you can see here:

vrijdag 7 december 2012

Gave candy bij:

Zie ik net deze gave candy bij Crafty individuals.

Dit zou ik wel willen winnen :D

I just saw this grest candy at Crafty individuals

This I would like to win :D

woensdag 5 december 2012

WAW: Give as you are able

Hi lovely bloggers,

Today another tag for Word Art Wednesday. The scripture for today is:

When I read this, I have to think about a saying in Holland. And I'll freely translate it:
How come 10 euro's in a store looks not much to spend, but when you give 10 euro's to the church it looks like so much. 
Hope you get the point I want to say here ;)   And this is so true. Maybe because when we spend our money in a store, you get something back which you can eat, or hold or use. But when you give it to the church, you don't see anything in return. But just think about this. God gave His one and only Son to die for us. Is there any way we can ever repay God for that? No we can't. Cause that's not something we can measure up with money. So everything we have, we own, is from God. You didn't accomplish it all by yourself. And I know this might sounds a bit hard, but think about it! Who put you on this earth? God did. Who gave you the talents you have? God did. Who blessed you with what you have? God did...... and I can go on an on with this :D

This is what I am dealing with lately. I really want to give everything to God, everyday. He set me free, by sending His son to earth to die for me. And for you. For everybody. Why? Because He loves us so much. More then we ever can imagine. So why not give your everything to him? 

Lately I feel so blessed. God really works in me and through me. And words can not say what I feel. And I do fall, you know. I'm not a Christian who's life really goes that easy. No, my life wasn't always easy, and there will come more hard times. But I want to keep my eye on God. He gives me strength and He helps me.  That's such a blessing. 

Well, I can go on and on about this, but then I'll start preaching haha. So with no further ado, here is my tag for this WAW.

And ofcourse my video.

Have a blessed day!!!