woensdag 23 januari 2013

WAW: "Glorify God"

Hi bloggers, 

Thanks for tuning in on this beautiful day. Why? Because it's Word Art Wednesday again :D
The scripture for this week is from Romans 15:5-6
Somehow I can't seem to upload this weeks scripture on blogger, but you can always look it up in your bible. 

What struck me about this verse is that God is so patient with me, and with all of us. So often I make mistakes and do things He doesn't really like or appreciate. But when I come before Him and ask Him to forgive me: Wow, I know He does. And His comfort (consolation) is so soothing too. Right now I know my work ends in 5 weeks. It's with both's approval we end the contract. I have worked there for over 10 years. And I've had 2 burnouts. So this work doesn't suit me any more. And it's been hard sometimes. I went to some major struggles. But in the end, at my rock bottom, God was the rock on that Bottom. So at that point I could only give my all to Him and let Him build me up. At that point I really started to put all my faith and trust in Him. I couldn't do it on my own any more.

And for years...... I was a worrier first class. Somehow my mind made over hours of worrying and thinking: what if this, or what if that..... But now I don't even really worry about the future. God let's me know that He is holding my future in His hands. And all I have to do is be patient and wait for His timing and His work in me. 

Wow, isn't that just great?!! I know there will be a job for me that really fits me. I look forward to when I will get to that job. And I can only enjoy the time right now, that I can spend with the kids at work. And the lot of free time I have on hand right now. 

Well, with that loads of free time, I made this hardboard canvas.  It's different then the things I made before. But I try to grow in my art and try new stuff. 

And here's the video:

3 opmerkingen:

Diane zei

Wendy...you are just so fun to watch and listen to. I always have a blast coming here. Your project for this week is wonderful, as always. I love your artistic abandon. You just let it happen...and it works! What a fun page. Great colors/techniques. Love it! Be blessed this week, sister!!!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA zei

That's the sweetest little owl. Blessings!

Carole Robb Bisson zei

Oh Wendy,
I was so touched by your written post. I worked myself to two burnouts. 12 hours shifts sometimes 14 days in a row, then right back at it.
I am now retired and having fun, the first time in my life.
I love your work, I love your video's.
I shall pray for A job that brings life and excitement as well as a lovely paycheck.
It is the highlight of my week watching your YouTube,