woensdag 11 april 2012

WAW, Psalm 28:7

Today we have another beautiful scripture for you, from Word Art Wednesday.
It's from Psalm 28:7.

I love what it says about what God is to us. A shield and our strength. Lately I found out that I'm not that strong as I want to be. Not in the way of muscles, because how slim I am, I do have much strength. But I meant mental strength. I always wanted to prove that I can do all things by myself. But I just can't!  And due to some setbacks, I really felt like I couldn't fight my own fights anymore. I really needed God to help me. I've always known He's there for me, but it was so hard to really put my trust in Him and not wanting to control everything on my own.

A few months ago I really put everything of my life in Gods hands. I didn't want to try anymore to do all things by myself. And I feel how He's carrying me. He helps me, and I don't feel like stressing out on things. And I don't worry so much anymore. I really feel safe and feel peace in my head and my heart. For He carries me.
That's what God does for us. He helps me, and my heart really trust Him.

And because of this, I want to praise God. He's so good!! My heart rejoices in Him. I feel truly blessed and loved.

So here's my art journaling page. I immediately knew I wanted to draw a shield. And because of my faith, I also wanted to include a cross. So since Easter I right behind us, this also is symbolic to what Jesus did for us. He died at the cross, for our sins, sickness, worries and all other things. He loves us!! So a cross really reminds me of how loved I am. And I always "hated" crosses with a Jesus-figure on it. For me, I really love empty crosses. Because Jesus didn't die and stayed dead. He had risen. He's alive!!!

And here my video.

6 opmerkingen:

Creatively His zei

Oh Wendy, what a beautiful gift you have!

Melisa Waldorf zei

Hi Wendy. Thank you so much for sharing your heart! So many times I think Christians don't share their weaknesses or struggles because they want to look like and feel like they have it all together. But it's when we struggle that we grow and that's when God can use our struggles and how we handle them to touch others. So thank you! LOVE your mixed media journaling. Have a blessed week.

Karen Conner zei

Beautifully written my friend! God is all we'll ever need. Hugs!

This Art That Heals zei

Thank you Wendy for sharing your heart and how God is your strength. It's so helpful to all who read. Your art is beautiful and you've been blessed with such a gift of creativity. Thank you for you being a part of WAW.


Karen Letchworth zei

You are such a strong person just for realizing that you need Him. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art with us a WAW. You are SO special.
Karen L
Phillippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

Mynnette zei

Such gorgeous paint colors! I love your thoughts on this verse. I often feel the same way. I want to give up, but then the Lord is there to buoy me up. He is so wonderful! :)