woensdag 6 februari 2013

Hey sweet readers,

Here's another Word Art Wednesday post.  It is going to be a very short one, because yesterday I got a kids finger in my eye. No big deal, I thought. But the pain stayed after rinsing it out with water. And when I got home in the evening, I called the doctors office and I should get my eye checked at the ER. 
Conclusion: a scrape on my eye. Which causes pain and blurred vision. I got some creme and an eyepatch. But after tonight, the pain is still there. So I have to go to my doctor in half an hour. 

Ok, I would explain why it is going to be a short post. It's hard typing with one eye open. So from this point I will show you the scripture, my art and my video.

Hope you enjoy it. And if you want to pray for me, I would be so grateful. 

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Faye zei

beautiful card, Wendy. I hope your eye will heal fast. I am sending up a prayer for you right now.