woensdag 20 februari 2013

WAW: 'Let my heart be sound'

Hi sweet readers and beloved child of God,

Thanks for tuning in on this lovely Wednesday that we celebrate our Lord and Savior through beautiful word-art scriptures. Go to the Word Art Wednesday blog to see what the other ladies of the DT made. They are so talented and devoted to make art to the glory of the Lord, every week. 

This Wednesday we have a scripture from my most favorite bible book: the Psalms. 

Lately (as you could see the past few weeks) I am in a drawing mood. I really want to get better in my drawing skills. Well, skills, I really need to learn a lot. I took some books from the library and start to 'copy' draw the images in that book, which shows step by step how to draw things. This lady is also a 'copy' on how to draw a woman's face. I love to take my pencil, eraser and my moment of complete silence to just draw and draw, and to erase (so often ;)  ) and to see how things work out, or not. 
I really love the silence in which I try to draw. And to be in silent is so difficult for me. I always feel like I have to be busy all the time. So it's a life long challenge for me, I guess, to really sit and be quiet for a moment. So I hope my urge to draw is something that helps me to be in peace with myself and my need to be still and silent. 

What I wanted to illustrate with this drawing is that when we keep our heads lifted up to the sky and ask God to help us, in what ever we need, that we will never be ashamed. We get so easily distracted with the world around us, and the devil is trying so hard to get us out of focus from God. But remember, God is a very patient God. He knows our hearts, He knows our deepest secrets and wishes and desires. Even when we don't even realize we have them, God already knows. So just pour your heart out before God and know that He will never forsake you or let you get ashamed. Don't mind what the world thinks of you. But do so mind what God thinks of you.

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, and so often I thought I could do it all on my own. But I want to be like the woman I've drawn..... To keep my head held high, and enjoy Gods love and blessings. And also embrace the tough moments. I've been through so many tough moments throughout my life. Those moments made me to be what I am now. So I never became ashamed. Thank you God!

Feel free to leave a comment. And if you want me to pray for you, please let me know.

God loves you!


4 opmerkingen:

vicki zei

So pretty you really are talented, lovely words on your blog too I feel uplifted just reading them thank you,


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA zei

She's gorgeous, Wendy, as she glorifies the Lord. Blessings!

Rea zei

Hi Wendy, it is so wonderful to see a true Christian from The Netherlands. Your art and drawings are always so beautiful. God bless you.

Faye zei

Your art work on March 13 for WAW is so beautiful.