woensdag 13 februari 2013

WAW: Beloved

Hi there, readers from all over the world.

What a lovely day we have gotten from our Lord. And we are His beloved child. He loves us so much! Please try to remember that every day. No matter your circumstances. God is able to do so much more than we can imagine or think about. We all get in touch with (some) trying times in our lives. Some people seem to get some more then others. But God is with every single one of us. Because we are His BELOVED child. Only when we really implement that in our lives, we begin to understand His great love for us. And then we don't have to worry anymore. Worrying robs us from the life God has planned for us. 

I am a big (!) example of that. Not that I live the life fully to what God has planned me to be, but I am getting there, you know. I was a full time worrier. My mind seems to live a life of  it's own. I worried about all kinds of things. What if this happens, and what if that happens. And what can I do when this situation comes and I can't..... well, just fill in the blanks. I hope you get a little bit of the idea what I mean.
But then I came to a point that I really hit rock bottom; the only thing I could do was to completely give my life to God. To really say: "God, I can't do it on my own any more. Here is my life. Will You take it and reign over my life? Will You make it new again? Will You take over?"
And so God did. He was my ROCK at the bottom. And I am still on a road which I don't know where it leads. But from that day on, I stopped worrying so much. My brain got it's rest it needed. 
When you would say a few years ago that I was able to not worry anymore (and I mean that overwhelming worrying which leads nowhere)  I would say: "Yeah right.... keep on dreaming".
But you know.....I really am free of that no-sense-making worrying. Wow, what a relief that is! And I think I can say I am healed of that worrying. Thanks to God!

So here't this weeks Word Art.

This week I have a drawn image on watercolor paper and I tried to make a bird on a branch in water color paint. I took some books about drawing out of the library and I want to get in touch with my drawing skills. So I think from this week I get to draw some more and I think there will be some more drawn images for WAW. No video this week, because I am not secure enough to videotape my attempt to draw. But who knows in the future I will. 

Have a blessed day. And when life overwhelms you right now, please remember that God is in control! He loves you so much and knows what you are going through, sweet child of God!
If you want me to pray for you, please feel free to contact me. 

God loves you and so do I


2 opmerkingen:

Marlena M. zei

Beautiful verse, beautiful drawing, and beautiful thoughts Wendy! You are a blessing~

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA zei

Wow! You have outstanding drawing skills Wendy. Blessings!